Flea Style: Dallas

Today I experienced Flea Style (formerly Dallas Flea) for the first time, and I’ll mark my calendar for the next.

So many vendors of local art and crafts and clothes, new and new to you, and odds and ends of all shapes and sizes. Booth after booth exquisitely curated by professional junk hoarders who need to make room in their brick and mortars and storage lockers for more thrift upcycles and transformations. Because let’s be honest, once your house is full of junk, you shouldn’t stop thrifting and creating; you should sell your wares to people like me and hoards of other Dallas area shoppers.

And that’s just what Flea Style creator and First Lady of Flea, Brittany Cobb, had in mind when she started the flea. A place for local artisans to come together as a community and represent the incredible art scene cradled in the heart of central Texas.

One trip and you will be hooked: craving that energy of so much creativity under one (gigantic) roof.

So next time, “meet me at the flea.”


This trilobite is right at home with my rocks and crystal stash.

Visit Vagabond Vintage’s shop and take your time. This place is a true gem that sifts through the bad stuff to bring us the good stuff.

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