Austin Affect

This weekend, we moved my sister into a new chapter in her life. After living in Dallas for over fifteen years, she was ready for a change.

Suddenly Shelton is comin’ for you, ATX.

On this more laborious trip, I still managed to squeeze in a family birthday, a visit with an old friend and long time Austinite, Honky Tonk Heaven, brunch, an artist pop up market, and the ‘sweetest’ bakery west of South Congress.

Future trips will be even more jam packed. And I absolutely can’t wait.

There is just something special about Austin. Everyone says that, and for good reason. Everyone drives slower. People have dirt on their cars from weekend adventures …and don’t really care. In a city of just around two million, at least half of that million is crunchy around the edges, and I’m into that.

The mini museum of classic country memorabilia and photos with randoms from Hollywood posing with the owners of Broke Spoke had to be a high point of this visit for me. A new documentary on the 1960’s honky tonk is set to release this spring. 
“Please do not!!! stand on the dance floor!”


Bouldin Creek Cafe offers everything from coffee to tamales to art! The “Bazaar Brunch” pop up outside was fantastic!  


Mexican Mocha Latte with an extra shot and a suck tube.


Booth after booth of locally crafted art and baubles like these and racks of vintage clothing speckled the yard outside Bouldin Creek. 
Sugar Mama bakery across the street has great treats and eye candy, too.


Already planning my next weekend trip. See you soon, Austin! 

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