Lovely Luckenbach

A day trip from Austin can mean many, many things. So many pieces of country music and Texas history are tucked into the nooks and crannies of the hill country, and Luckenbach is one of my favorites.

Waylon, and Willie, and the boys …well, not so much. Waylon Jennings is reported to had never even BEEN to Luckenbach when the song was released and didn’t do so until he played there in 1997. He also said the songwriters themselves had never been there either. Willie Nelson is country music Jesus, so he can say whatever he wants and I’ll blindly follow.

One thing is for sure, you’ll get back to the basics and hopefully won’t be feelin’ any pain. 

Take Luckenbach Road from 290 through some twists and turns, even past the old schoolhouse to end up at Luckenbach, Texas.
The old post office serves as a gift shop with one of three beer bars in the back. Do NOT leave without a t-shirt.
Vintage country memories speckle the walls – and ceiling inside the post office.
Catch live music every day and come as you are.
Even the cactus is a star in Luckenbach.
South Grape Creek but looks more like Whiskey River.
Inside the dance hall; live shows still go on regularly.

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