Home Sweet Home

A rainy spring day is nice every once in awhile and makes me look inward – at my home decor. I realized it’s not something I’ve featured, and my, has it grown in the past year. 

Here are a few of my favorite things.. 

It gets pretty hot in Texas pretty much all year, so a fireplace is just ironic. I filled mine with Himalayan salt lamps to get a similar warm glow. 

The chair my dad saved from the trash and repaired. Wonder where I get it? I adore the terra cotta hue for an unexpected pop of color.


This print from 1880’s Harper’s Weekly hung in my grandmother’s house when I was growing up. 

I go through a lot of succulents around here, so I decided to “plant” some plastic ones in this meat grinder to keep it from getting dirty inside. I have to say, the end result doesn’t succ. 

This rug came from a family trip to Africa. I adore collecting little sparkly crystals and earthy rocks and fossils on our various adventures. And some of Grace’s favorite things are featured here, too.

Love Jackson Vaughn’s Texas candle. Get one named after all the cities of the great state and spread the love all over the house. 

My junk has spilled over onto the porch, too! 

My dad had this old rusty horse bit in his house which inspired me to pick up a curry comb at Canton and this barbed wire cactus in Waxahatchie. 

My newest addition is this succulent box made from a wine crate. I’m being very careful to avoid over watering and hope to watch these little babies grow all summer long.. 

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