Go West: Marfa

Quite possibly the most notorious nowhere town in America, Marfa, Texas brings tourists from far and wide to west Texas. A tiny town with a big mission; art in the desert.  Just in the past 12 or so years, Marfa has become a destination for more than just art – retired Army vet wants to open a rock shop? Marfa can make it happen. Boutique hotel mogul looking to connect hipsters with nature? Marfa can do that, too.


Marfa, …well, technically Valentine’s most popular attraction is the Prada store art installment. Just three walls and some windows, and a few accessories, of course.


The Presidio county courthouse was designed after the El Paso courthouse by San Antonio architect Alfred Giles. And it’s just darling. AND PINK!


Take a break from the heat at the Hotel El Paisano and have a margarita or a local brew.


Opt out of the traditional hotel room (because, duh, Marfa), and stay at El Cosmico. With everything from tent camping, to tee pees, to trailers, there are accommodations for everyone. And the “outdoor” showers aren’t half bad!


Watch the sun set at the Marfa Lights Observatory and then watch the Mysterious Marfa Lights in all their strange glory. We saw some – and I can say without a doubt, car headlights don’t move like that! See it for yourself! Just an 8 hour drive from Dallas and even less from Austin, experiencing Marfa is worth every minute.


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