Christmas at Magnolia

A quick family photo session in Waco lead me to capture the holidays at the glorious Magnolia Market. Locals don’t seem too keen on the Gaines’ setting up shop, and diner, and suddenly expensive house after house after house.. but thousands of tourists pour into Waco, Texas every year to visit the silos. Like it or not, Chip and Joanna have put Waco on the map in a good way (instead of a cult leader, mass suicide kind of way as previously known). I personally love it. Every inch of the market and satellite Target and Nebraska Furniture Mart merchandise could easily work into any room in my house. Dark but warm, rustic but chic, Magnolia certainly didn’t disappoint for Christmas decor.

I spotted Dallas author/designer/muralist/podcaster/maker/shaker Alli K (@allikdesign) propped up in the craft and gift section. Find How to Draw Modern Florals on Alli’s website and Amazon!

The grounds and garden were decked in holiday spirit, too!

And Seed+Supply displayed even more gifts for the green thumbs out there.

After you have shopped to your heart’s delight (don’t forget about the vintage shops all around the block!) head over to Cajun Craft at Clay Ave & 11th for some fried delicious and more beautiful interiors to ogle.

The Dr Pepper Museum is just a few blocks away and the Waco Suspension Bridge and park are a quick walk, so give yourself plenty of time and make a day of it!

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