Suddenly Skills: Faux Fur Rug

Ever wonder what I do when I’m not shutter-bugging around? I’m usually crafting or cooking. Welcome to my newest series: Suddenly Skills! I’ll show you some super easy crafts and even easier quick meals and treats throughout the series.

First up is this ridiculously easy and insanely cozy faux fur rug, throw, centerpiece – make it whatever you want because it’s highly versatile.

Start with a half yard or so of faux fur. I picked this lovely off-white color at Jo-Ann Fabric – and it was 40% off! The only other items you will need is a good pair of fabric scissors and a pencil.

Fold your faux fur in half across the longest side (hotdog style if you were in elementary school in the 90s).

Start your sketch for shape to cut. I like the look of the curves of a natural sheep skin rug, but you can make any shape you like. Just remember you will have a mirror image for each side after cutting.

This is the overall sketch I ended up with. Use this as a pattern to help with your shape!

Then using sharp fabric scissors (which my household knows full well are for fabric and ONLY fabric), cut through both sides of faux fur along your shape sketch.

You should end up with both sides cut to shape.

Now, to de-shed. This is an important step to take care of now so that you avoid clumps of fur all over your house. Your rug shouldn’t continue to shed if you take care to pull at the edges and gather all the loose pieces.

Now just pick a spot to display your new faux fur rug!

After taking all of my holiday decor down I decided my table needed a wintery centerpiece. Pairing with soft touches and winter scents, it really helps me get over my post-holiday blues!

I also love my new rug tossed onto my sitting room ottoman when I need to set my table for dinner. This cost less than $10 to make and about 15 minutes to create. Now get some layers and warm boots on and scoot to the fabric store!

Check back for more Suddenly Skills soon!

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