Hollywood Forever

All of the buzz around tonight’s Academy Awards has me reminiscing about our trip to Los Angeles. Just one month ago, we were basking in the warm, golden glow of a February heat wave while touristing around LA. We got up early and hiked Runyon Canyon, caught our breath, and then strolled down Hollywood boulevard and back to our hotel, which was directly behind the Dolby Theater. Since we were staying near such a bustling tourist destination, we focused on exploring the less crowded, more obscure spots. One of my favorite was the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Many of Hollywood’s earliest stars are resting there, and the grounds were such a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

The Abbey of the Psalms mausoleum is cast in a rose colored glow from the skylights that line the ceiling.

Being such an old building, the cemetery was founded in 1899, you’d expect lots of creaks and pops.. but what we heard seemed to be a bit more than that – most settling buildings don’t answer when you speak to it.

The garden of legends is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful resting place for famous names like Johnny Ramone, Andy Rooney, Chris Cornell, and even a memorial to the pup that played Toto in The Wizard of Oz.

The pattern in the granite behind Toto and me is kind of odd for hallowed ground..

ALL over LA, succulents explode from literally everywhere. Abundant sunshine and rare rainy days help them flourish. Hollywood Forever boasts some pretty incredible water conscious landscaping.

…and I wasn’t joking about that sunset view.

Hollywood Forever will forever be one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. Pick up a $5 map to the stars when you visit, and be sure to get there before 4 to explore the mausoleums. Take some kitty treats to try and woo a furry friend at the wall of cats (you’ll see what I mean – I was so distracted by all the felines I forgot to take a pic!), and take a moment to reflect on just how peaceful this place can be, regardless of being smack in the middle of the madness that is Hollywoodland.

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